About Alan Flusser

Alan Flusser penned his first article on mens wear for the New York Times in 1976. Since then, his musings on this “rare art of male habilement” have appeared in newspaper, magazine, column, and book form. Book sales have made him the best selling author on the subject.

Alan Flusser is that rare member of the super-secret Order of American Dandies who is willing to reveal the minute and unspeakable details that constitute stylish dressing among men” – ­ Tom Wolfe

His last two books are available for personalization by contacting the Alan Flusser Custom Shop at [email protected]. Click on the other books to be directed to other potential sources.


If Beau Brummel were to be reincarnated today, I feel he’d head straight for Alan Flusser and say
‘Do Me.’ -Dominick Dunne

The clothes Alan created for me in Wall Street elicited the most attention and applause of any costume design done for any of my films” -Michael Douglas

Alan Flusser is one of the most knowledgeable experts on men’s fashion” -Ralph Lauren

No one knows as much about men’s clothing as Alan Flusser” – ­ Bill Blass

Flusser 65, is a menswear legend” – ­ Nick Foulkes, British G.Q.

Alan Flusser is a rara avis, a voice of reason and elegance in the fashion world jungle” -Chicago Tribune

Dressing The Man is probably the definitive American book on classic menswear” -Will Boehlke, Forbes Magazine

Alan Flusser gives you the insight to make the best clothing choices for yourself ” -Bob Costas

Alan Flusser is perhaps the Western World’s leading pundit on traditional men’s clothing” -Quest Magazine

Making the Man is literally a guarantee to turn any sow’s ear into a silken purse, any frog into a prince” -Bobby Short

Award-winning designer Alan Flusser literally wrote the book on menswear” -Rob Report

Alan Flusser is the world’s guardian of male elegance” -Monsieur Magazine

Every time I have lunch in the Grill Room of the Four Seasons, where the power in New York gathers each noontime, I can always pick out the Alan Flusser suits as their wearer’s walk into the room.” -Dominick Dunne

Clothes and the Man is the definitive book about male style” -Gentleman’s Quarterly

The Alan Flusser Custom Shop is the retail embodiment of Flusser’s 40 years of encyclopedic knowledge of menswear both past and present“ -Time Magazine

About Alan Flusser
About Alan Flusser