Alan Flusser Showroom

Departures Magazine – Profile on Alan Flusser Custom

Alan Flusser is a great Anglophile, and his garments take their inspiration from Savile Row of the 1930s (“when Britannia ruled the seas and Savile Row ruled men’s seams,” he quips), and specifically from Frederick Scholte, tailor to the Duke of Windsor. The hallmark of a Flusser custom suit is its drape: It is cut […]

Clark Gable Formalwear

Tuxedos and Watches

This post is an excerpt from our friends at Hodinkee. Click on through for the full article! The trend in men’s style over the last few hundred years has been towards less and less complexity, but every once in a while, one still gets an invitation that says, “black tie.” There’s a tendency to think of […]

Alan Flusser 2 AOS

Dressing Better with Alan Flusser

This post is an excerpt from an interview with Articles of Style. Here we cover Alan’s tips for dressing better, but there’s more over there including the state of menswear, and Alan’s personal style. Click through and take a look! 1.    Take total personal responsibility for the buying of your clothes and the development of […]

Alan Fusser Groom's Wedding Day Style

Alan on: A Groom’s Style on His Wedding Day

*This article has been edited and condensed from Alan’s discussion on For the full conversation, please visit The Plunge website. WHEN IT COMES TO WEDDING DAY FASHION, THERE’S SO MUCH ATTENTION TO PAID TO THE DRESS. FASHION-WISE, WHAT’S THE GUY’S ROLE IN ALL OF THIS?  The groom’s role should not be driven by fashion but by the […]

Alan Flusser Ladies Line

Flusser Femme

It’s with much anticipation that we announce the official debut of our bespoke women’s wear. I say official because over the past three decades, we have turned out the random Kate Hepburn-inspired Donegal tweed suit, velvet hacking jacket, or silk tailcoat. However this fall, an unusual confluence of events conspired to make me think that the […]