The charm of a well-dressed man — W Magazine, 1985

NEW YORK — The Duke of Windsor had it. Fred Astaire has it and used to dance with it. Even Cary Grant, who was born with a large head, knows how to use it to his advantage, or so men’s wear designer Alan Flusser says when describing style, that essential element in any discussion of […]


The Rake — Alan Flusser Custom

 ALAN FLUSSER CUSTOM Fade to black at the sleeker, chicer and more modern Alan Flusser Custom Shop. By Christian Chensvold As a man ages, he may become more conservative or liberal, more adventurous or more prudent, more ambitious or more want to stop and smell the roses. The point is that the older-and-wiser man is […]


Zagat 2013

The “best tailor left standing”, this East 40s atelier furnishes deep-pocketed sartorialists with “fantastic” bespoke creations “exquisitely” stitched from beautiful fabrics” that “last forever”; truly the man behind the quintessential power broker suit — he designed Michael Douglas’ wardrobe in Wall Street — Flusser’s finery “actually fits your non-model body”; as far as price, “it’s […]


Ask Alan – Spring 2009

With the demise of casual Friday, do jeans still pass muster business apparel in the office? A good rule of thumb for corporate attire is to dress in line with your superiors and never more casually than your subordinates.  Jeans are never in good taste unless you are engaged in manual labor or your boss […]


Ask Alan – Fall 2007

I see jackets with single vents, side vents and no vents. Which is most flattering? Non-vented jackets hug the hip, giving it a trim contour. But they function poorly: The back of the jacket bunches up when the wearer sits down or reaches into his pockets. The center-vented back, originally designed for horseback and long […]