Ask Alan – Spring 2007

We often hear about stylish stars from the past. Which of today’s celebrities and public figures best exemplify superior style? This is a question that goes to the heart of what I term the “paradox of modern fashion.” If the likes of David Niven or Cary Grant are your style benchmarks, I’m afraid Hollywood’s current […]


Ask Alan – Spring 2006

My suits are in conservative colors, mostly gray and navy. Can I wear brown shoes with any of them? Is there a rule here? This question has been coming up for years. In fact, in my most recent book, Dressing the Man, I reprinted an editor’s response to a similar inquiry from a reader that […]


Ask Alan – Fall 2005

Can I wear a patterned dress shirt or tie with a striped navy-blue suit? Yes, definitely, as long as you keep the two patterns different in scale, such as a narrow-striped suit and a spaced-figured necktie, or wide-striped suit with a small-patterned check or plaid dress shirt. I recommend my latest book, Dressing The Man, […]


The 25 Best Dressed Men (Living or Dead)

Astaire compared dressing well to putting on a show: You have to rehearse it to get it right. Here are 25 men, 10 from the past, 15 from the present, who have gotten it right. Dressing well is a rare masculine art. No one is born with a predilection for wearing domes with great style. […]


New York Times Magazine – The Right Fit

Once by mirrors, tape measures and the like, most men relinquish questions of styling and fit to the wisdom of the store’s salesman or tailor. Years ago, when men’s fashions were less fickle and tailors were more studied in the manners of correct dress, this was a reasonable act of faith. Unfortunately,in all but the […]