Alan Fusser Groom's Wedding Day Style

Alan on: A Groom’s Style on His Wedding Day

*This article has been edited and condensed from Alan’s discussion on For the full conversation, please visit The Plunge website. WHEN IT COMES TO WEDDING DAY FASHION, THERE’S SO MUCH ATTENTION TO PAID TO THE DRESS. FASHION-WISE, WHAT’S THE GUY’S ROLE IN ALL OF THIS?  The groom’s role should not be driven by fashion but by the […]

Alan Flusser Bow Tie

The Gallery

This is a sampling of cover art from 25 years of the Custom Shop’s brochures. Some contain original art while others are based on Apparel Art illustrations from menswear’s grand age of upper-class men’s style and fashion illustration – the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Each year the Custom Shop produces two such style manifestos which […]


The Rake — Alan Flusser Custom

 ALAN FLUSSER CUSTOM Fade to black at the sleeker, chicer and more modern Alan Flusser Custom Shop. By Christian Chensvold As a man ages, he may become more conservative or liberal, more adventurous or more prudent, more ambitious or more want to stop and smell the roses. The point is that the older-and-wiser man is […]